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KCS Courses & Workshops

Knowledge Centered Service®

Train to be a KCS pro

Knowledge is everything; we’re here to impart our expertise to your team. Sign them up for the KCS Practices Certification and give them a rich understanding of both the KCS methodology and how to adopt it. Once complete, they’ll become the go-to KCS employee. They’ll know how to deal with FAQs, how to solve and evolve loops, understand KCS roles, KCS measures, content standards and workflows, and so much more.

Your team can choose from a range of courses to enrich their knowledge. In return, the whole organisation gains more consistent customer experiences and happier employees.

Types of KCS courses and workshops

KCS v6 Practices

The KCS v6 Practices Certification Workshop has been designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of KCS.

KCS v6 Overview

The KCS Overview training provides an overview and core understanding of the principles and practices of KCS.

KCS v6 Leadership 

The KCS Leadership program develops a perspective on effective leadership in a knowledge centric organisation and provides practical insights for sustained change.

KCS v6 Coach

The KCS Coach Workshop provides Coaches with tools and techniques to perform coaching activities for knowledge workers and to enact a coaching plan.

VisionWillow has three of the only 25 Certified KCS® trainers

Sander van der Moolen

Head of Training

Mayank Sharma

Business Consultant

Caroline Ribeiro

Senior Business Consultant