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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS)

Harnessing your collective knowledge

Knowledge management through the use of KCS can unleash the power of knowledge within your organisation. KCS treats knowledge as a business asset that you can harness. When in place, it unlocks the full potential of your organisation’s collective knowledge and experience. By centralising the knowledge of your services, customers and your product, everyone can learn from every interaction. It creates a continuous loop of capturing, organising, and reusing knowledge. This empowers your employees to learn from those experiences and resolve their own problems far quicker.

Knowledge-Centered Service white paper

White Paper

Unleash the power of knowledge

Find out how to leverage organizational knowledge.

European leaders in KCS

We’re proud to be recognised as one of the leading specialists in Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) in Europe thanks to our industry-leading, certified instructors and advisors. Each day they advise clients on defining their knowledge strategy, how to implement this strategy and operate it successfully.

As European thought-leaders, our KCS consultants are able to provide unique insight and experience if you wish to adopt KCS. If you are, VisionWillow offers you a complete KCS® Adoption Support program to provide you with the necessary foundation for a successful project. The program consists of assessments, training, planning & design workshops and coaching – everything you need to adopt KCS across your business.

Intelligent Swarming

In complex knowledge-intensive environments, Intelligent Swarming quickly breaks through silos by deploying a swarm of experts to fluidly solve the issue in a fast and effective way. But to use it correctly, your team needs the necessary foundation to ensure a successful outcome. Our specialists will create a program made up of assessments, training, planning & design workshops and coaching, so your employees have the ability to face any new challenges in an agile way.

KCS Tools

Our experts will help you leverage tools to support the process, how to configure it, make the most of it and ensure it seamlessly integrates with any ESM.

KCS Training

Be trained by leading KCS experts and become a certified coach or KCS leader within your organisation. Workshops can be tailored to your own tools and systems.

KCS Advisory

We offer advice on your organisational change management from start to go-live, but also helping you to improve and maximise any KCS approach already in place.

KCS Coaching

Whether it’s for team leaders or internal agents, get one-to-one KCS coaching from certified experts to work out the best KCS approach within your organisation.

We are KCS Aligned

As European leaders in KCS, we collaborate with organisations of all sizes to assess, adapt and enrich their knowledge management program. 

Our KCS specialists provide you with in-depth expertise to build a strong knowledge management foundation and overcome challenges. We offer KCS Aligned Services like the Opportunity & Readiness Assessment, Health Checks and more.

Along with our services, we offer a unique KCS Aligned Tool: ONA by VisionWillow.

The Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is the preferred method for discovering the influencers and potential KCS Coaches in your organisation, as described in the KCS Practices Guide by the Consortium For Service Innovation

Organizational Network Analysis product guide

Product Guide

ONA by VisionWillow

How to find trusted employees in your organization.

Grow your KCS Knowledge

KCS courses

As one of the leading specialists in Knowledge Centered Service (KCS) in Europe, we’re well placed to offer the best tuition and training for KCS.

KCS v6 Practices & Certification Workshop

The KCS v6 Practices Certification Workshop is a designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of KCS
January 19 @ 09:00 UTC+1

Coach Development

The KCS Coach Workshop is designed to provide Coaches with tools and techniques to perform coaching activities for knowledge workers and to enact a coaching plan.
January 24 @ 09:00 UTC+1