VisionWillow and Halo Service Solutions (Halo) are excited to announce a strategic partnership. VisionWillow is expanding its portfolio with Halo’s suite of platforms for IT service management (HaloITSM), customer relationship management (HaloCRM), and professional service automation (HaloPSA). The partnership will strengthen Halo’s presence in the Danish and Nordic markets and enhance VisionWillow’s expertise and offerings. VisionWillow will initially go to market with HaloITSM.

HaloITSM is an industry-leading IT service management platform designed to accommodate the evolving service requirements of the future. The platform distinguishes itself with its modern design, swift performance, ease of use, and high configurability, which provide limitless process automation.

Organizations are increasingly seeking ways to simplify the countless IT processes that underpin their day-to-day service operations. These cross-enterprise processes and workflows are often complex for several reasons, and they require increased automation. HaloITSM is the ideal solution, offering a straightforward approach to align IT with business.

Offering versatility, HaloITSM can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud. This flexibility is highly valued, and organizations are guaranteed unparalleled and consistent performance, regardless of the installation method.

A Partnership Creating Excitement for Both Parties

Finn Nøhr, CEO of VisionWillow, highlights the capabilities within HaloITSM as being tailored to help organizations with the challenges they face.

We’ve collaborated with Halo over the past months, and we’re eager to finally announce the partnership. With over two decades of experience in multiple IT Service Management – and Enterprise Service Management – projects, we continuously adapt to the demands of both current and coming clients. We’re thrilled to include HaloITSM in our platform offerings. Its unique software capabilities align perfectly with the challenges organizations are facing, and we’re confident in its potential to provide effective solutions.

Halo’s mission is to create change within the IT service management industry. For this, they need trusted partners that have a proven record of enhancing organizational service delivery.

At Halo, choosing the right partners who can support organizations with their service management needs is crucial. Throughout our discussions with VisionWillow, we’ve experienced their profound understanding of the ITSM market and, more importantly, their extensive knowledge of organizational business processes. We look forward to seeing the partnership unfold, and we’re sure that it will be successful, elaborates Dan Mostafavi, Head of Channel Partner Sales at Halo.

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For more information, contact:

Finn Nøhr, CEO
+45 5133 1369

Halo Service Solutions
Dan Mostafavi, Head of Channel Partner Sales
+44 1449 833 111