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The new normal

Collaboration and Knowledge sharing value

The New Normal, Distributed collaboration

The value of knowledge

During 2020 and the footprint the COVID pandemic has put on all of us, across industries, it’s become very clear that collaboration and how we as an organization are able to adapt and keep collaborations going is a crucial factor in most areas of our business.

Onboarding new employees, ensuring fast, accurate, and consistent answers to customers and colleagues are just two examples of the challenges we’ve faced in the past year.

It has now, more than ever, become critical to have knowledge sharing on the agenda and infrastructure in place to support knowledge and information sharing across the organization as well as with partners and customers. Without it, the risk of re-inventing the wheel (re-work), dropping C-SAT’s and reduced efficiency are substantially higher than ever before.

Collaboration might be somewhat a fluffy concept, but it indeed is a crucial one to keep the business moving towards the same end goal, no matter how distributed your organization might be.

When organizations commit to a knowledge sharing practice as a strategic approach, they report improved support efficiency by as much as 50-100%. Extending that practice to a self-service model increases customer success by 45-85%.

There are methodologies and systems that enable organizations to achieve this without adding to the everyday workload.
The general idea is to integrate knowledge sharing into the existing workflow instead of creating a separate process, and embedding it throughout the organization to add value to the customer and your organization

The value of information

Conscious and strategic work with information in the organization represents a huge measurable value as well as a positive impact on less tangible areas such as customer loyalty, satisfaction, and brand value. It effectively contributes to the future development of the organization’s products and services, aimed to achieve one thing: Maximizing customer-realized value and success.

Knowledge sharing is important for all organizations and in today’s distributed way of working and collaborating, internally and as well as with your external vendors from home workplaces etc. information access has become even more important than ever before.

By strategically working with knowledge sharing to enable collaboration you will among other thing achive:

  • Improved C-SAT (Customer Satisfaction)

  • Less Re-work

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Improved Employee Satisfaction

  • Improved products and process – based on customer data.

  • A better self-service experience

  • Having the business aligned on the vision and mission, in spite of          “The New Normal”.

Information, knowledge, and your strategy around it is the key to how successful you will be in your digital transformation journey.

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