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Structure & Process

Improve business efficiency, service quality, and customer experience by structured processes that support people and business goals.

Intelligent Swarming

Intelligent Swarming can be described as “Collaboration on Steroids”. When your organization is dealing with mostly new and complex issues, the traditional escalation model turns out to be less than efficient. With Intelligent Swarming, you break through those silos and instead, where necessary, you rely on a “swarm” of agents to solve the issue fast and effectively. Stop throwing tickets around like hot potatoes.

Building blocks for a successful outcome

If you are planning to adopt Intelligent Swarming in your organization, VisionWillow offer you a complete adoption support program which provides the necessary foundation for a successful outcome. The program consists of assessments, training, planning & design workshops, and coaching.
Intelligent Swarming is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation

Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is if we should describe it in few words, the adoption of IT service management (ITSM) concepts and ITIL practices at other departments throughout organizations.

Departments like HR and facilities are used to offer services but seldom through a framework and aligned tool with the rest of the organization. ITIL4 and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) will, in the future, help organizations with a structure and processes that provide shared service management with the efficiency and higher quality service that this brings to an organization.

Start the transformation to unified shared services

VisionWillow provides assessment, training, organizational implementation, and technology that can handle your demands.