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KCS v6 Aligned Tool

Benefit from our KCS Aligned tool: ONA by VisionWillow

ONA by VisionWillow

ONA by VisionWillow 

Along with our services, we offer a unique KCS Aligned Tool: ONA by VisionWillow.

The Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is the preferred method for discovering the influencers and potential KCS Coaches in your organisation, as described in the KCS Practices Guide by the Consortium For Service Innovation. 

Use ONA by VisionWillow before you invite people to the KCS Coach role and use it afterwards to confirm your selection. Repeat the ONA regularly to ensure you maintain a pipeline of new potential KCS Coaches.

Organizational Network Analysis product guide

Product guide

ONA by VisionWillow

How to find trusted employees in your organization.

Recognised by the Consortium For Service Innovation: We are KCS Aligned

Benefits of using ONA by VisionWillow

Protects privacy

With our ONA, your participants’ privacy is 100% protected ensuring you of a higher response quality.

Guidance for success

We’re behind you – because ONA includes guidance by our KCS experts throughout the preparation, configuration, execution and reporting steps.


One of the benefits of our ONA is the easy scalability and the fact that it will perform in every type and size of organisation.

Custom surveys

Our ONA comes with standard custom survey emails and reminder emails to help you communicate fast and easily during the ONA execution.

Reusable configuration

Having a yearly ONA won’t be an issue anymore. With our reusable configuration we ensure you that having the ONA repeated – at any time – is a breeze.

Finding the right people

With the help of our ONA we can offer you a reliable solution to find the right influencers and potential KCS Coaches in your organisation.

KCS Aligned Services

As European leaders in KCS, we collaborate with organisations of all sizes to assess, adapt and enrich their knowledge management program. From the Opportunity & Readiness Assessment at the start of your KCS journey to Health Checks along the way, our specialists provide you with in-depth expertise to build a strong knowledge management foundation and overcome challenges.

VisionWillow has three of the only 25 Certified KCS® trainers

Sander van der Moolen

Head of Training

Mayank Sharma

Business Consultant

Caroline Ribeiro

Senior Business Consultant

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