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IT Service Management (ITSM)

We have been implementing helpdesk, service desk, and IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions since 1996. Although we also implement cross-enterprise platforms, better known as Enterprise Service Management (ESM), we have experienced that IT Service Management still remains the most sought-after. Typically, ITSM platforms are first adopted within IT, and then it’s gradually expanding to encompass a broader range of processes and departments. 

Our approach is always tailored to your organization. We recognize that each organization has unique needs and wishes. This understanding guides us in carefully recommending ITSM solutions that align with your requirements. As a result, we help our customers match their organization’s current and future needs against the different system characteristics and capabilities.

Benefits of a thorough ITSM approach

Investing resources in a thorough, initial clarification provides several benefits, as can be read to the right.

There has been a huge development in technologies, also within ITSM and ESM, and almost anything is possible today.

With all the possibilities offered by the technologies available, it has become even more important to clarify the focus points of the technology shift and what is required of the company to achieve the benefits of the investment.

IT Service Management projects require, in order to be successful, a tailored approach, taking your organization’s unique needs into consideration. Read about our approach to succeed with IT Service Management below.


We’ve helped local, national, and multinational organizations in various industries, such as pharma, manufacturing, media, public sector, and more, to achieve excellent service delivery.

Step-by-step for long-term success

What you can expect

Our well-documented implementation methodology covers the entire value chain:

A thorough survey is key in our process. We work closely with you to understand your current way of working, your needs and to define actions to achieve your goals. Any organization is unique, and we aim to discover what it takes for your organization to achieve your objectives. Both for the organizationand for your users.  

Our approach is a grow-as-you-go process, starting with IT platform deployment and progressively enhancing service delivery throughout your organization, including external facets. We believe in a step-by-step approach to ensure the platform works as intended, building upon each success.

Managing the technical side of ITSM projects is complex, but managing the people involved is often even more complex. Successful people change management, underscored by collaboration and communication, is one of our crucial recommendations for project success

Our approach brings several advantages, including tailored solutions that align with your goals, cost efficiency by avoiding unnecessary feature investment, scalability to meet future needs, and enhanced cooperation between business and IT departments for effective collaboration.

More and more organizations want to focus on their business processes and less on their platform operations. VisionWillow provides all services from ad-hoc support to a fully managed service of the platform. The fully managed service allows you to focus on business requirements and we’ll take care of enhancements of the platform.

Our selected ITSM platforms

We advise, implement, and provide managed services from
market-leading technology suppliers, including:


Cloud-based and modern ITSM platform that combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities.


Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid? HaloITSM manages it all with customizable ITSM software.


BMC Helix ITSM is a powerful, industry-leading platform for productivity and innovation.

What is ITSM?

IT Service Management is a discipline focused on managing and delivering IT services to meet the needs of an organization effectively. It encompasses a range of processes and activities to design, create, deliver, support, and manage IT services.

ITSM is more than technology. It also involves aligning IT services with business goals, ensuring efficiency and improved service quality. ITSM includes practices like incident management, service request management, change management, and more. All are contributing to better business performance, higher customer satisfaction, and overall enhanced IT operations.

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