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Enterprise Service Management

Improve service delivery across the entire organisation

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) builds on the workflows and principles of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and applies them to your entire organisation to increase efficiency and quality in other departments such as HR, legal, procurement, facilities, marketing, and finance. This empowers all your employees to service your customers, as they’ll have instant access to one unified portal that can manage endless service demands, automate mundane processes and streamline workflows.

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Our approach to ESM

For us, ESM is a grow-as-you-go process. Our specialists help ensure that it works perfectly for one department, typically IT, and then work efficiently to benefit the rest of the organisation – or even externally. By taking this step-by-step approach, we can ensure your system is working as intended. Before you know it, you have a unified system that empowers all your employees, at every level, to achieve their best every day.

We’ve achieved it across industries such as pharma, manufacturing, media, public, broadcasting, e-commerce, publishing, and more. 

We’ve worked with local, national, and multinational organisations, giving us a great understanding of the complexity of different types and sizes of organisations. 

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What can ESM do for you?

The power of ESM

Clarify services

ESM will help you define your services and deliver them in a consistent way through a single portal, accessible globally, 24/7.

Streamline service delivery

With a unified service portal, your teams can focus on providing real value instead of manually supporting everyone.

Enhance visibility and control

Once all the features of the service have been enabled reporting techniques have been created, reliable metrics offer a great deal of visibility so you can easily identify problem areas.

Happier employees

As processes help define roles and responsibilities, your employees will feel happier their requests will be handled quickly.

“Improve business efficiency, service quality, and customer experience by structured processes that support people and business goals"