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KCS v6 verified enterprise management tools at your service

Why we partner with in RightAnswers

RightAnswers is incredibly powerful management software that helps to deliver a better customer experience. One that makes it easy for employees to find, use and create knowledge. They have over 30+ products that address for specific problems and pain points from every corner of an organisation.

All this leads to the ability to drive the right answers to the right person at the right time. Productivity goes up, customer loyalty increases and importantly, internal costs come down.

This is what makes RightAnswers such a valued partner, their ability to spread connected power of knowledge across an organisation and create a trusted sharing culture.

What RightAnswers give to our clients

Best of breed

RightAnswers is the KCS v6 verified – the first application to have this, allowing people to use KCS methods right out of the box.

One platform

It captures all of the knowledge across your entire organisation, HR, finance, facilities and presents it in a clean, easy to read way.

ESM independent

As it’s independent from any other tool in your ESM, all your knowledge is easily transferable and can quickly be integrated into another system.

Seamless integration

It easily integrates with all the ESM and customer support tools so you can apply knowledge into the ticket system that you work with, saving lots of time.

Search across systems

Your team can easily search all systems, in chats, multiple knowledge repositories with all knowledge centralised in one place.

Browser extension

A powerful extension that allows you to highlight text on web page and search directly into RightAnswers – search and capture just by highlighting.