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The leading cloud-native, integration service provider

Why we partner with ONEiO

ONEiO is a long-term and trusted partner. Their cloud-native integration service connects people, processes, and tools – enabling seamless collaboration without traditional integration hassle. They help clients to overcome manual work overload, overgrown automation demand by automating information flows.

Their experts set up all the integrations with 100% success rate. Their approach is also risk-free as they take care of all the technical development, maintenance and coding work – allowing clients to focus on their core business. Plus their ONEiO Integration Automation Platform is designed for 24/7 uptime to ensure integrations are always running without the risk of downtime.

Discover more about their innovative service here

What ONEiO gives our clients

Powerful integration hub

ONEiO seamlessly ties into your ESM and those of your suppliers – bridging operations and development. Everyone is aligned, collaboration becomes simple with endless emails.

Customer use the same systems

It easily brings businesses together, whilst also letting them work in the systems they’re used to. Nothing changes with employees’ day-to-day work, but now everything is connected.

Very configurable and very quick

Outbound mappings, runtime variables, conversation variables – everything is very graphical and easy to configure – allowing you to set things up exactly as you’d like it to be.

Everything just works 24/7

As ONEiO is a cloud-native integration service, everything works 24/7 365 days a year, keeping the connections between your businesses, and the integrations between your suppliers, online.

Maintenance free SaaS

ONEiO keep everything up to date for you without every interrupting the integrations – making sure it all continues to fit and works. Hassle-free.

You’re in control

Your team will be able to adjust your integrations with ease or work with ONEiO to adjust things as your needs change. You don’t have to worry about infrastructure or development costs either.