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BMC service

As client’s grow their business, BMC reinvents it with software

knowledge-centered service

Why we partner with BMC Helix

BMC Helix Service Management is a leading SaaS solution that is able to accelerate business outcomes by seamlessly bringing together people workflows and business functions. From driving collaboration across teams to simplifying integration across apps, networks and clouds – BMC Helix has it covered.

We collaborate with BMC Helix to service our clients critical IT and business operations with industry-leading SaaS solutions – whilst also empowering employees and enhancing business outcomes.

What ComAround gives our clients

Aligns with and verified by KCS v6

Best stand-alone KCS system out there allowing you to become more productive, improve your service delivery, and increase service levels.

Integrated with any BSM tools and helix environment

It will integrate seamlessly with your BMC helix environment, it’s all ready to go and just works – no headaches or hassle.

Knowledge capture

It enables users to record solutions for others to view and quickly understand what needs to be done. Fast and effective knowledge transfer.

Instant translation

It will translate all the knowledge articles into any language, making it easy for everyone, regardless of their background or location, to get the information they need.

Great reporting and analytics

Dashboards quickly identify any knowledge gaps and keep track of agreed KPIs and ROI.

KCS-aligned integrations

Quickly and easily connect knowledge data with service management solutions, chatbots, analytics and data visualisation tools.