As European leaders in KCS, we collaborate with organisations of all sizes to assess, adapt and enrich their Knowledge Management program. 

From the Opportunity & Readiness Assessment at the start of your KCS journey to Health Checks along the way, our specialists provide you with in-depth expertise to build a strong Knowledge Management foundation and overcome challenges.

Recognized by the Consortium For Service Innovation: we are KCS Aligned.

We offer KCS Aligned Services such as; KCS Adoption, Guidance and Advisory and our brand new KCS Aligned tool: ONA by VisionWillow!

Our Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is the preferred method for discovering the influencers and potential KCS Coaches in your organisation, as described in the KCS Practices Guide by the Consortium For Service Innovation.

Use our ONA before you invite people to the KCS Coach role or use it afterwards to confirm your selection. Repeat the ONA regularly to ensure you maintain a pipeline of new potential KCS Coaches.

Find out more about our Knowledge Sharing Services or contact one of our KCS experts directly.