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Knowledge Sharing

Make knowledge accessible, avoid bottlenecks and enable the learning organization to reach its goals.

Why KCS with VisionWillow

Our contribution

VisionWillow has two of the only 29 Certified KCS® trainers in the world, Sander van der Moolen and Caroline Ribeiro.

The first certified KCS trainer in mainland Europe (2014), Sander van der Moolen brought KCS to Europe and has since established the KCS methodology on the European market.

Our KCS consultants come from a long background within support in global organizations. They have started in organizations that have chosen to adopt KCS and from there moved on to consultancy roles purely focusing on KCS®. Today they are considered as European thought-leaders within their field. With their background, we are able to provide unique insight and sparring to our customers when adopting KCS. 

 All of the VisionWillow operations team are all KCS v6 certified. 

Knowledge-Centered Service®

Knowledge is the foundation of any service organization. Knowledge of your products, your services, your customers. KCS® helps you leverage the collective knowledge of your team to make measurable contributions to your organizational goals, like: Improved customer satisfaction, better products and services, less inbound tickets, improved customer service and happy employees.

The KCS® methodology can be adopted across all business functions.

KCS® seeks to:

  • Create content as a by-product of solving problems
  • Evolve content based on demand and usage
  • Develop a knowledge base of an organization’s collective experience to-date
  • Reward learning, collaboration, sharing and improving

With over 20 years in development and over $50 million invested in developing the methodology, KCS® has produced significant benefits for organizations around the world.

Building blocks for a successful KCS implementation​

If you are planning to adopt KCS® in your organization, VisionWillow offers you a complete KCS® Adoption Support program to provide you with the necessary foundation for a successful project. The program consists of assessments, training, planning & design workshops and coaching.

Get more knowledge about KCS

VisionWillow recommends the KCS Practices Certification that is intended for individuals who require a thorough understanding of both the KCS methodology and its adoption. People within the organization with a KCS Practices Certification are an excellent starting point for the utilization of KCS.

In the process of gaining a KCS Practices Certification, you will get knowledge about the principles and core concepts of KCS, KCS benefits, and how to deal with frequently asked questions and common objections. A thorough understanding of the following: solve and evolve loops, KCS roles, KCS measures, content standard and workflow, best practices for adoption, and functional requirements for tools and tool integration.

If you are interested or need more information about the KCS Practices Certification.

KCS is a registered trademark of the Consortium for Service Innovation