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KCS® Knowledge Centred Service

”KCS is not something you do in addition to solving problems… KCS becomes the way you solve your problems.”
– KCS Academy

Why KCS®

What value does it add

When implemented correctly the impact of KCS can be mindblowing.

Knowledge is the foundation of any service organization. Knowledge of your products, your services, your customers. KCS® helps you leverage the collective knowledge of your team to make measurable contributions to your organizational goals, like: Improved customer satisfaction, better products and services, less inbound tickets, improved customer service, and happy employees.

What organizations typically see when they work with KCS is that it enables the first line agents to solve cases faster (FTR – First Time Resolution), there are far fewer escalations to 2nd level.
Customer satisfaction (C-SAT) increases and questions are answered more consistently.

The gathered knowledge can be made available on self-service which reduces the number of contacts from customers as they can now help themselves which also contributes to the C-SAT score.

KCS also has a significant impact on employee satisfaction and on-boarding times of new agents, as well as enable agents to be multi-skilled to a much higher degree. As all questions and answer to them are available in the knowledgebase.

Finally, KCS enables you to improve and support the RCA (Root Cause Analysis) process to further improve your communication, processes, products or services.  by giving you facts and statistics for internal decision making and prioritization – based on input from your customers. Thus Providing a tool to loop back to R&D on product enhancements, process improvements, or similar.

What is often seen after having worked with KCS for a while is, that on top of the already mentioned benefits, there are also financial gains and resources freed up that.

KCS® in practice

How does it work

In KCS® – Content is king….
And leadership is required!

KCS has a dynamic approach to knowledge management, a support article is created as part of the problem-solving solving process for the first incident. That article is then made available for reuse for other agents immediately.

The key principle is that for any question that comes in, the agents have to utilize the knowledge base, even if they know the answer to the question.
By working this way with knowledge management it ensures consistency in answering customers and also works as a way of reviewing and ensuring the articles are kept up to date. 

Depending on the size of the support organization you would generally assign ownership and editing rights to one or a few agents.

Solve & Evolve Loop

KCS is founded around the Solve & Evolve loop that includes the eight KCS practices. The eight practices are divided in to two categories, Solve & Evolve. 


The “evolve” part analysis the input from the initial “solve” part of the loop to identify business opportunities and areas with room for improvement that can help drive the evolution of products, services, processes. All based on facts and direct input from your customers you can report back to, for instance, R&D with suggested improvements for a specific product or service.

Assessing the value of articles, search effectiveness – What is being created and does it serve it’s purpose.

Is the right tools and technology in place to support the processes. How are we working with the knowledge.

Is the right tools and technology in place to support the processes. How are we working with the knowledge.

Ensures that the entire organization understands why we are doing KCS® and strives to establish buy-in.
Communicate the benefits of KCS – WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) for each of the stakeholders in the organization.


The “solve” part of the loop is all about how to capture resolution experiences to create a common repository for the joint knowledge of the support organization, use the knowledge base to reduce re-work and i.e. not spending time solving requests that have already been solved as well as ensuring consistent answer to similar questions and making knowledge accessible across the organization and on self-service.

As soon as a customer asks a question and the answer does not yet reside in the knowledge base an article is created and made available.

To ensure articles are written consistently and are easy to find the use of fixed templates for createing articles is standard within KCS.

For every question the agents get they have to use the knowledge base, doing so ensures articles being upto date and that you provide a consistent service to your customers.

KCS is the full responsibility of the organization and everyone can benefit from it. It requires that the articles are used and are updated when there are changes to procedures, information or solution to problems. It requires ownership and that the organizations is geared for that. It does take some extra effort in the beginning but quickly pays off as the articles are made available directly and therefore saves time already the next time the same question arises.


KCS® Tools

KCS is not about the tool

Contrary to how many people perceive KCS, KCS is not a tool.

As previously mentioned KCS® is a methodology where knowledge is seen as the single most important element of the support organization. This is supported by a set of practices and procedures to enable best practice knowledge sharing. All the accumulated knowledge that resides in the knowledge base. Therefore tooling is also an aspect to consider, how to best host your knowledge base and make knowledge available within the organization as well as on self-service. 

There are two levels of tools that support the KCS metodology

For a tool to be verified it must provide comprehensive functionality to support all eight KCS practices.

Verified tools are for instance: ComeAround, MindTouch, RightAnswers, SalesForce and ServiceNow.

Aligned tools supports elements of the KCS methodology or adoption process such as for instance Acrolinx, Coveo and SearchHub.

In our experience no matter what ITSM tool you are working with today you can start the KCS journey with great results. 
Some companies matures into a need for a more dedicated set of tools along the way  where as others can still reap much of the benefits of KCS without having a KCS Verified or Aligned tool.


with VisionWillow

VisionWillow has two of the only 29 Certified KCS® trainers in the world, Sander van der Moolen and Caroline Ribeiro.

The first certified KCS trainer in mainland Europe (2014), Sander van der Moolen brought KCS to Europe and has since established the KCS methodology on the European market.

Our KCS consultants come from a long background within support in global organizations. They have started in organizations that have chosen to adopt KCS and from there moved on to consultancy roles purely focusing on KCS®.

From their background and years of experience in assisting global organizations with KCS adoption projects and training of the people in those organizations, we are able to provide unique insight and sparring to our customers when adopting KCS.

 All of the VisionWillow operations team are all KCS v6 certified. 



– Become KCS® certified!

We deliver a host of standard workshops as well as custom-made training to fit your requirements – for any role and any level in the service organization.

Adoption Support

– Building blocks for a successful outcome

If you are planning to adopt KCS in your organization, we offer a complete KCS Adoption Support programme that provides you with all the necessary foundation for a successful project.
The programme consists of Assessments, Training, Planning & Design workshops and Coaching.


– Expertice to fit

You can rely on us. From business case to project management, from small improvement projects to selection and implementation of tools, our international experience is at your disposal. We can help adopt your current tools to make the most use of KCS or perhaps you need a tool agnostic partner to help with assessing which tool is best suited for your organization to get the most out of your KCS implementation.

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