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VisionWillow KCS Training

Growth through knowledge

KCS – Knowledge-Centered-Service® – is a practice and a ‘way of working’ which aims to unlock the full potential of an organization’s collective knowledge and experience. By capturing, reusing, and improving what we learn from each interaction, we build a shared knowledge base focused on providing findable and usable answers.
It revolves around People – from the support engineer all the way to the Management. KCS becomes the way we provide support and capture what we learn from doing so. 

Our certified trainers have vast experience from the field as we have, since 2014, supported both national and global organizations with adopting KCS and leveraging the benefits from their knowledge initiatives. 

Client feedback states – “That is what sets VisionWillow apart, through their own personal experiences both as customers, consultants, advisors, and trainers. They are able to provide unique insight and sparring with the participants” 

We are proud to have 3 KCS® Certified Trainers employed at VisionWillow – of only 30 external Certified Trainers in the world. During 2020 we trained more than 255 participants in KCS v6 Practices, KCS Leadership and Coach Development training – and even more Knowledge workers.

We teach with real-world examples and scenarios that you can relate to and our trainers have a lighthearted and humorous approach while staying focused on the course content. 

Please find our training calendar below. 
We currently provide the following training: 

All training materials are in English we however offer courses in English, Dutch and French. 

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