It’s the beginning of the year again and everyone is getting back to work and up to speed. And here comes the usual: “oops, what’s my password again?“ or “why doesn’t it work?“ “Did they change the system again during the vacation?“ “How do I do this now?!! Arhhh!!“ Or “John, how do you process that claim again? … where is John?!” Well maybe John is gone on vacation for the next 2 weeks or left the company, so good luck processing that claim on time now…

How much better could everything be if it didn’t take time to get back to speed or it would be easy to find relevant and up to date information or even better; if we could automate and improve those annoying tasks! But you have already tried to implement a knowledge base and the service desk is not getting any better. Heck, even the self-service portal doesn’t answer most questions the employees or customers have.

That’s where KCS and our experience will help you.

KCS* is a proven methodology for sharing knowledge and getting all the benefits classic knowledge management has failed to deliver and we’re here to help you during this journey.

We deliver workshop sessions on KCS V6 Practices so you can learn more about KCS; what is it, all the benefits you will get, how to implement and adopt. And since they are an open classroom it means you get a chance to interact with the instructor and other participants from other companies.

The KCS v6 Practices Certification Workshop is designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of KCS. The workshop is highly interactive with practical exercises and real-world examples. Bonus: you get to test your knowledge and can attempt to become KCS V6 Practices certified soon. If you are interested to attend one of these workshop, check our training calendar.

If you would like to know more about KCS or need some help to implement KCS in your company, or would like to have a workshop organized just for your organisation, contact us anytime.

*KCS is a Registered Service Mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation.