Does one or more of these challenges sound familiar to you? 

  • your average time to resolve even simple issues is too long
  • your support team spends too much time doing repetitive simple fixes with no real added value, your support team is overloaded and overwhelmed with work and your team’s backlog is rising;
  • your support team does not have the capacity to develop new technology, products or enhancements that would boost your company and bring more value to your customers;
  • you are struggling with onboarding new employees working remotely (from home and hybrid)
  • your new hires are not feeling part of the team, and are having a hard time getting up to the same skill level as their colleagues;
  • your customers do not find your self-service/chatbot so useful, they cannot always find or get the support they need

If you are in any of these situations, then the good news is KCS (Knowledge-Centered Service) is the solution you were looking for and we have good examples from various clients, from which we can showcase the value of structured knowledge.

VisionWillow love to share knowledge and we advise, consult and train organizations, such as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, Shopify, HCL and many more, all over the globe.

The KCS methodology ensures your knowledge base is maintained as soon as an article is identified as outdated. Your collective knowledge is captured when needed and shared across the relevant audience. Your support team can find the information they need when they need it, new employees do not have to wait for their mentors to be available to gain knowledge. Your new hires are engaged early on, they find a sense of purpose and team spirit as much as your most senior employees who can now focus on more interesting tasks. Your self-service portal brings relevant content of higher quality to your customers. Your self-service/chatbot can leverage your collective knowledge up to date. And you are finally delivering higher quality and strategic services or products to your customers as they wanted. See my previous blog to learn more about KCS.

Our experience from various projects combined with KCS proven methodology show that our structured approach can:

  • improve resolution time between 25 and 50%;
  • increase FCR (First Contact Resolution);
  • improve business and organizational improvements.
  • decrease onboarding time, develop the skill pool and increase employee satisfaction – some of our customers mentioned gaining up to 6 months with onboarding time;
  • increase customer success with self-service and increase customer experience;

Curious to know more about KCS? Reach out to us or check our training calendar to join one of our KCS Overview session or the KCS V6 Practices training to get a deeper understanding on how to adopt KCS in your company.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.