Our slogan is “Empower your Employees,” and we firmly believe that businesses thrive when their employees are happy. But who are the individuals behind VisionWillow? What motivates them? What drives their passion? In our #GetToKnowVisionWillow series, we aim to find out.

Stepping into the spotlight this time is Rasmus Nørlund Jacobsen, who is first in line for our customers on the Enterprise Service Management (ESM) platform, 4me. 

What is your background?

I graduated from the IT-University of Copenhagen about three years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in Global Business Informatics and a Master’s in Digital Innovation & Management. My background is in computer science.

Before joining VisionWillow, I served as a Process Specialist at a large pension company, where I primarily focused on Governance, Risk, and Compliance management. So, I’ve already come across various IT domains in my professional career so far.

How did you end up at VisionWillow?

About 1,5 years ago, I heard good things from a friend working at VisionWillow. At that time, I was seeking a new challenge, especially in a field where I wanted more experience: ITSM or ESM. Conversations with Mads and Finn convinced me that VisionWillow was the place I wanted to be. I was offered a role as a Service Management Consultant, focusing on First Line Support of 4me. And I’m still here and still loving it.

What are you working with at VisionWillow?

As mentioned, my primary responsibility is managing the First Line Support on the 4me platform, where we support and consult our customers. You could describe my role as an octopus-like practice, as I distribute tickets among colleagues and myself. Beyond that, I’m part of the 4me Specialist team, helping to configure solutions for our customers and advising them on any queries.

When not working with 4me, I often tackle ad hoc tasks to assist wherever needed.

What are the biggest advantages of using an ESM platform like 4me?

4me offers a ready-to-go solution that we can easily configure to meet each customer’s unique requirements. While aiding our customers, we constantly discover new ways to enhance their processes, thanks to the platform’s extensive “out of the box” features.

Personally, when working in 4me, there are two main reasons I love the platform: it’s exceptional high uptime and accessibility and the astonishingly fast transaction speeds.  

What motivates you in your job?

This might be a cliché answer, but seeing the tangible impact that my work in 4me has on our customers is a significant driver for me in my everyday work. As I often correspond with our customers, I hear about the outcome for the people working with 4me and how the processes and configurations we help them set up support them in their daily work.

I’m not just focusing on providing a quick answer to a question but on delving deeper into the customer’s real needs. This is a way to provide optimal and relevant support for our customers, so I can help them with what really matters.

What is your biggest hobby?

I’m an avid follower of professional football, especially the English Premier League. Off the screen, I love spending time with my girlfriend and/or friends, either drinking a beer or listening to Heavy Metal music – sometimes not mutually exclusive.

Three quick questions

  • Play padel or play football?
    It has to be football, but padel has recently grown on me and is a close second.
  • Metallica or Taylor Swift?
    Definitely Metallica – they were great at Copenhell last year!
  • Cook or be cooked for?
    Always, always, always being cooked for. Who wouldn’t?