This course is a two-day training. On the first day, you will get an understanding of KCS with the KCS Overview training, and on the second day, you will learn the practices of a KCS Leadership program.

The KCS Overview training is designed to provide an overview to understand the principles and practices of KCS.

The KCS Leadership program develops a perspective on effective leadership in a knowledge-centric organization and provides practical insights for sustained change.

KCS® is a registered service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation. 

Learning Objectives for KCS Overview

  • Identify the basics and the benefits of implementing KCS in your organization, including principles and core concepts.
  • Determine how to do the KCS Solve Loop in the workflow and the value it creates
  • Follow the process for creating a KCS article
  • Differentiate leading versus lagging indicators of success

Learning Objectives for KCS Leadership

  • Prepare for the change and create excitement & buy-in for KCS
  • Match KCS outcome to organization’s goals
  • Design management and leadership’s role in communications and performance assessment
  • Develop influence and motivation skills to engage employees
  • Distinguish activity-based measures versus value-based measures
  • Identify which metrics are used for which purpose
  • Recognize leadership requirements to accomplish the KCS adoption

Who should attend

This course is intended for anyone who needs some high-level understanding of KCS but also for anyone about to implement or wants to implement KCS. In terms of roles, this could be:

  • KCS Project lead, Project managers, KCS program sponsors, Knowledge managers, Knowledge consultants, KCS Council participants, Knowledge Domain Experts, Support staff, Support managers, managers


Background in support or customer service is recommended.

The practical

Duration: 2 days (7 hours per day).

Exam registration is included in the price.

Language: Training course and exam materials are written in English. The instructor teaches in English.