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About us

Making a difference to employees and enterprise.

Ever since we started back in 1996, we’ve always been driven to look for better. To collaborate, listen and work together with our clients to find the right answers to their specific challenges and get the return on investment they expect.

Empower your employees

Your team just wants to do a great job. But there can often be thousands of tools, lots of complex processes and outdated technology that actually hold them back. So how can we empower them and remove all the obstacles and complexity so they can excel every day?

Our process is about listening, transparency and collaboration. We clarify and assess all the variables and vectors, looking at every possible angle to get to the root cause of concern. What change would enable more capability and less complexity? It’s all about what’s right for you – and them. Because when employees are happy, businesses thrive.

What does success look like for you? Let’s find out.

The story behind our name

The name VisionWillow and our logo are rooted in the way we work. Let’s begin with the Willow part – a remarkable deciduous tree. You can take any branch, replant it into the ground and it will take root to form another tree. For us, this perfectly symbolises a new vision for any business change: what is the root vision and drivers for your change and how can we ensure it flourishes?

You may have also noticed that all the leaves in our logo are light green – except one. This represents the idea that all worthwhile change starts with just one initiative. Once it’s taken root, all the leaves that follow will be richer, stronger and grow more robustly.


It’s more than a buzzword

Being climate friendly is more than just a buzzword to us. It’s about looking at the data and seeing how we can make a difference. Our aim is to make ourselves CO2 neutral. Not easy, but essential. And so we’re planning to working with Klimatræ. The more we grow, the more trees we plant.

Trees planted


Co2 removed

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A story rooted in service

VisionWillow was founded in 1996, with Enterprise Service Management, Service Integration and Knowledge Sharing at the heart of our DNA. We grew quickly over the years and then, in 2014, we were one of the first to go to the cloud to allow for SaaS and to move away from hosted solutions. This meant our client’s solutions would always be up and running – ensuring they could deliver their service 24/7 from anywhere in the world on any device. Today, we continue to evolve and find the future advancements our clients could need – to ensure they have the freedom to run their business their own way.

Get to know our management team

Mads fuhr

Head of Operations

Finn Nohr

Head of Sales

Sander van der Moolen

Head of Training